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Dental Mouth Guard - SleepEase

Improve Your Sleep with a Dental Mouth Guard

Have you been experiencing a restless sleep, headaches, or jaw pain when you wake up? Perhaps you need a dental mouth guard to help manage your sleep better so that you can feel well rested and ready for the day!

If you are clenching or grinding your teeth, especially at night, getting a mouth guard for teeth grinding can help you significantly. When you wear a dental guard to bed, you can protect your teeth and prevent jaw clenching at night.

In addition, maintaining dental health is extremely important and has been proven to affect many other aspects of your health. By taking care of your dental hygiene, you ensure that you protecting your teeth and overall health. A dental guard may greatly help protect your teeth and maintain good oral health.

Reasons You May Need A Dental Guard

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Bruxism is a condition in which you grind your teeth or clench your jaw. It happens most frequently overnight, while people are unaware that they are doing it. Because of this, it can be difficult to manage and stop. Purchasing a mouth guard for teeth grinding is a great way to handle these problems and get a better sleep.

Recreational Sports

Mouth guards are frequently used to provide safety and protection during recreational sports. They offer protection to your teeth for any level of sports you are playing, whether it is leisure or professional. They protect the teeth directly by offering a solid coating that goes overtop of them.

More than that, in contact sports, mouth guards help protect against concussions and similar issues that can occur if your jaw were to be forced on itself. This ensures that you have the best protection possible, which allow you to worry about your game rather than your safety.

Dental Mouth Guard Materials and Uses

For Bruxism During the Night

Depending on how severe the case of bruxism you have, you will want to have a thicker material for higher performance. Some of these can last two to five years if they are made of thick enough material (2-3mm). Although they typically get more expensive as they get thicker, if you have a serious issue, you should get the best possible.

If you don’t require that much support, you can get a hybrid dental guard that will still offer great performance and should last one to three years. These are made using a soft material on the inside and a solid, hard plastic on the outside to ensure it lasts long and protects your teeth.

Soft mouthguards are also useful depending on the circumstances, offering more comfort and convenience than some of the more serious options. These can last anywhere from half a year to two years depending on the material, the use, and wear and tear.

For Bruxism During the Day

Although bruxism most commonly occurs during our sleep, you can experience during the day and there are dental guards that can help. In order to be less noticeable, they are lightweight, thin, and sometimes clear. They are thin enough that they shouldn’t affect your speech, while still offering great protection. Many of these devices will last half a year to two years.

Dental Mouth Guard with Personalized Fitting

Getting a custom fit for your dental mouth guard is important for ensuring that it performs the best. If you get one that is molded to your mouth, it should fit properly in your teeth and won’t cause discomfort. This will make sure that it’s both comfortable and effective. On top of that, comfort ensures that you’ll actually wear it. Without wearing them, they won’t do their job.

Over the counter and non-fitted mouthguards are often inexpensive and perform well, but are usually thicker and bulkier than other mouth guards. Because of this, they are more difficult and discomforting to wear. This can cause you to avoid wearing it, which makes it useless.

Making sure you get a device that you’ll actually wear is the most important thing when purchasing. A dental mouth guard for teeth grinding can improve your life significantly when you experience the difference.


Compare the Cost of Dental Guards

When purchasing a dental guard, you will have the option to buy one from the dentist. Although these will typically be of high quality, you can get devices that are less expensive and of equal quality and performance. Dental guards can cost as high as £500 pounds sterling, with much of the fee going to your dentist for services. Alternatively, you can order online for closer to £100 to £200.

Sports Mouth Guards are another good alternative, which offers comparable performance at a much more reduced cost. Since these are not designed for dental health, they are much cheaper, but may not be geared specifically towards the use and benefits that you are trying to gain. These can often cost as little as £20 dollars but will not always mold to your teeth or will be of lesser quality than other guards.

Consider the SleepEase Dental Mouth Guard

If you have been experiencing restless nights of sleep, a sore jaw, or headaches from teeth grinding, you may want to consider the dental mouth guard from SleepEase. Not only is this solution more affordable than most guards, it can also improve the quality of sleep you get at night by reducing teeth clenching and grinding. Order your customizable and moldable mouth guard for teeth grinding today from ESN Products and feel well-rested in all of your days to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

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